Restore & Transformation Through Dance & Movement



Ramanda Brockett

Description: Join us for an introduction to the elements of movement! All movement will be gentle and will be done standing. We will fulfill somatic cravings to meet your body exactly where it is to process from an instinctual level to release emotions, efforts, and tensions in surprising and refreshing ways. Facilitation will be given through the use of movement imagery, creative prompts, and inspired interactions designed to expand your creative repertoire in beautiful and interesting new directions. The traditions this group will draw from include Movement Efforts, Kestenberg Rhythms, 5-Rhythms Meditative Dance, Authentic Movement, and so much more! Week 1: FREE! This week we will incorporate the elements of water, flow, nurturing creativity and intuition Week 2: This week we incorporate the elements of air, change, decision and Week 3: This week we incorporate the elements of fire, breakthrough and transformation Week 4: This week we incorporate the elements of earth, grounding, steadiness and recovery Week 5: This week we incorporate the elements of spirit, stillness and integration We encourage you to bring a practice of non-judgment and permission to have fun to these classes as we will be focusing on creative movement as a form of controlled release by taking a broad overview of grouped themes. If you are someone who is looking to deepen your relationship with your body as a source of wisdom and insight, or if you are curious about Dance Movement Therapy as a form of spiritual inquiry this is a great group for you! We get to take a load off of your nervous system by processing things on a body level so you can feel better quicker and without the need for extensive verbal processing, journaling, or intellectualizing; although the facilitator is available to process any of these with you afterward. Please note that by joining in, participants are agreeing to listen to their bodies by going at their own pace, including utilizing the adaptations of movements offered to their physical limitations/needs during the session. All prompts and facilitation are also optional and participants may choose to simply observe for some activities or take a break for one song.

Category: Fitness / Dance


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