Creative Movement for Beginners and Intermediary



Ramanda Brockett

Description: Welcome! This is a 45-minute modular class series that focuses on the elements of movement. Although each class will build on previous content of movement as artistic inquiry, anyone can jump into this series at any point as each class will follow the same routine while covering different themes. Description: The elements of dance covered here are drawn from Dance-Movement Therapy and are not meant to serve as an exercise class, however participants may expand as much energy as they wish in applying the prompts given by the facilitator. We encourage you to bring a practice of non-judgement and permission to have fun to these classes. We will focus on imagery, elements of movement, and fresh takes on interactive movement games to inspire your creative repertoire to expand in beautiful and interesting new directions. In addition to joining in from a spacious room; comfortable clothes, bare feet and/or nonslip footwear, and a hydrating drink are recommended. Participants may also join in from rollators, wheelchairs, or a comfortable seat as adaptation options will be given by the facilitator. Please note that by joining in, participants are agreeing to assume the following responsibilities: 1. Listen to their bodies by going at their own pace, including utilizing the adaptations of movements offered to their physical limitations/needs during the session. All prompts and facilitation are also optional and participants may choose to simply observe for some activities or take a break for one song. 2. Dance and move in a state of safety and alertness in their space. If anything is uncomfortable physically or emotionally DO NOT engage with that prompt. Please take care of you for all of us. 3. Whatever is shared in the group is to stay in the group; however, participants are to only verbally share with the understanding that this is an online therapeutic movement group; therefore this content is not guaranteed as totally confidential by the nature of sharing in the online space with others. 4. Understand that this group is NOT a substitute for a closed in-person therapy group or individual mental health counseling. Please see the link below to schedule with Ramanda for these types of sessions to view her specialties and decide if Dance-Movement Therapy is appropriate to empower you to address any deeper needs. About the Host: Ramanda Brockett is a Registered Dance-Movement Therapist with the American Dance Therapy Association and a Board-Certified Candidate in May 2024. Ms. Brockett brings 4+ years of clinical mental health experience, and 10+ years of experience in interpretive dance performance, choreography, and coaching. Brockett currently practices in both acute and private settings, as well as deeply enjoying group facilitation in person in the Saint Louis area, online via the Hobi app, and at wellness workshops. Further Resources For more information on: - the field of Dance Movement Therapy, please visit www.adta.org - individual sessions, please visit www.heal.me/ramanda

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