Elements of Universal Movement



Ramanda Brockett

Description: Welcome to Elements of Universal Movement! We'll be using integrated techniques from across the practices of Dance-Movement Therapy, 5-Rhythms Studies, Authentic Movement, and Mindfulness to study the building blocks of creative movement. We're here to dance with non-judgement, so please leave any ideas about choreography at the door. By participating in this group you are agreeing to: 1. Listen to your body and go at your own pace. Everything is optional and your facilitator will provide lots of adaptations to the invitations to move. 2. Be respectful of the community space and each other. No negative or disrespectful comments will be tolerated in the chat or on the mic when it's time to share. 3. Give it a try! You may be encountering a lot of new ideas and invitations, so if you wish to simply stop and observe for a moment that is just fine however we would encourage you to keep an open mind and try the activities on to see where they take you. 4. Please remember that this is a therapeutic group, not a substitute for therapy. The confidential nature of any group that meets on the internet is limited, however we encourage everyone to only share anything to the level they are comfortable sharing with a room full of kind strangers. If you do not do the sharing in this space, please refrain from doing any retelling outside of the space. 5. Thank you for being here. Please feel free to invite the special people in your life to the next one!

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